Have you fallen behind on your mortgage payments? The whole situation can seem overwhelming and hopeless? It’s not! Our staff is highly trained in how to help you get your life back on track by selling your house.

The Solution

R8 Investment Homes is located in Fort Worth, Texas. If you need help selling your house contact us today! We help you sell your house on your terms, not the bank’s terms.

Foreclosure Process

The foreclosure process starts shortly after you are 90 days late on your payments.

There is no set timeline in how long one foreclosure will take compared to the next.  Unfortunately, we have seen several cases where people ignored the process because they couldn’t face the overwhelming stress of opening mail.  It’s never too late to stop it until the house is actually auctioned off.

Many people feel as they will “just let it go”.  This is a natural response because no one likes dealing with the banks, insulting bill collectors, and endless phone calls.  We don’t like it either and have refined the process of how to take back control.  All you have to do is let us be on your TEAM!

My House Needs Work

We purchase your house AS-IS.  This means your house won’t have to pass an appraisal and you won’t have to pay for any contractors to make the repairs.   Additionally, since we purchase houses for cash, we are able to close faster than if you sold it on the open market.


The founders of the company once too knew what it felt like to be bogged down by the stress of the world. However, they found strength through applying the concepts of Romans Chapter 8 from the bible to their lives. In knowing they were making positive changes in peoples’ lives by helping them through difficult times, the owners chose the title R8 to remind them each day to serve people the people with a servant’s heart.
You have enough bills as it is. Why pay more? We want you to keep your money to help you move forward in life, not by having to pay fees like survey, inspection, appraisal.
We can stop the foreclosure process shortly after you bring us into the picture. We can then schedule the closing on your house on your terms for a scheduled date.
Fortunately, part of our experienced team includes Texas realtors that can assist you in selling your house on the open market.
We are able to pull lien information through our title company and address any liens.
Several people feel as though they can’t sell their house because they owe too much. That’s not true. If you remember back to when you purchased the house, you had to put money down. On this concept alone, you can sell your house.
Outside the fact that we are HONEST, we have more options available to our customers than just purchasing their house.

Your Next Steps

To start the process, that’s exactly what you have to do. START! Fill out the form below or call 1-888-816-9466.

We will quickly return your call/email and schedule a time to meet you at your house. We use current market rates and repair values to get an accurate purchase price and give you the fairest deal possible. This method typically allows you to walk away with sufficient money to help you move forward in life.


Thank you for reaching out! Our team is here to help you in any way we can. Fill out the contact form and one of our team members will respond back to you as soon as possible.